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Nov 04, 2014 at 06:19 PM

Questions about adding PB licenses and contact list


1. How do you go about adding an additional PB license in the SAP days? we tried several dead end #s. CIC doesn't seem to care for a single additional license. Please help. We do pay annual contract to Sybase, now SAP.

2. One more problem we have is that, the contact list we had with Sybase is so outdated the original developers are gone and I am trying add myself to it, they are giving a run around. Our infrastructure is on the Sybase contact list, when he called CIC, they told him to find the main SAP contact here at the customer site (they wouldn't tell us or gave the wrong name). City of Los Angeles is such a large org. it's going to be hard to find that. Does anyone have any suggestion for this bind we are in?

I just tried an online chat with SAP support. Though it comes up quickly and the person was cordial, it was a useless chat. He sent me a # for volume sales. I will try, but I wonder if the volume sales person will be laughing at our one or 2 extra license request.

Note: We used Compucomm to purchase our licenses in the past, but even they are not able to figure this out.