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Nov 04, 2014 at 02:25 PM

Why is my left click not working in an edit mask field?


PB 12.5.1 (build 4015).

I have a window edit mask which is a date as a drop down calendar. When I left click in the field the cursor does not go in the field.

For example mm/dd/yyyy and I can't click in the day/dd spot. Calendar and everything else works and if I use the arrow keys

I can move the cursor inside the field.

I took edit masks objects from another application and put them on the window and they had the same behavior.

Other data window data clicking in the application does word highlighting in text fields and also does not allow

for the cursor to be placed inside of a word in a sentence.

Any clues? I figure it is some attribute I am not use to using but just can't find anything.

Note: When I exported the whole window from the working application into the broke application then clicking worked.

The broke application has almost, if no, inheritance.