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Nov 04, 2014 at 01:55 PM

unable to claim BPM task through OData from browser


Hi all,

I'm trying to claim an existing task in status "Ready" using the "Simple Rest Client" embedded in Chrome browser.

I've fetched the correct Task instance id and double checked on NWA.

bpm%3A%2F% e698e6f8641511e4bded00000034b6ba</d:InstanceID>


Also, I've got a valid x-csrf-token from a get request and re-used it in my claim request.

My request is the following:

method: POST

URL: http://<host>:<port>/bpmodata/tasks.svc/Claim?InstanceID=e698e6f8641511e4bded00000034b6ba

headers: X-CSRF-Token: cdcbd679-a2d9-463b-892c-cc355cbe0ed8

body is empty

I've double and triple checked the task instance ID but I get HTTP 400 bad request.

In the logs I can see a weird error:

org.odata4j.producer.exceptions.BadRequestException: Invalid value has been specified for 'InstanceID' function parameter.



Caused by: org.odata4j.producer.exceptions.NotImplementedException

at org.odata4j.core.OFunctionParameters.parse(


In particular, I'm worried about the "not implemented exception"

Can anyone please assist?

Thanks, regards