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Nov 04, 2014 at 12:52 PM

Role change history table


Dear all,

2 years ago we have changed the role assignment approver1 in role assignment approver 2 in several roles.

The role assignment approver 2 already has "own" roles to approve.

Now only the roles which are assigned 2 years ago should be assigned to an other role assignment approver 3.

Now I must find the roles which for which we have changed the role assignment approver.

I can see the role assignment approver 1 in the change history of a single role.

But then I have more then 1.000 roles to check this way.

Path UI: Access Management -> Role Search ->

I search for the roles with the current approver

Click on role:

-> More Details -> Additional Details -> Change History

I think there must be a table where these data are saved but I did not find the table.

Does somebody have this information?

Thank you in advance!