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Dec 22, 2005 at 12:04 PM



Kindly suggest how the following scenario can be implemented

The Company (in which SAP is being implemented) signs:

CONTRACT A: for 10000 MT of rice variety R1 @ 900$/MT. from 01/09/2005 to 31/08/2006

Conditions: The price quoted above is for 40 kg PP packing for Destination Port: New York

Incase the weight or the type of packing changes the price of the product changes accordingly. Let’s say for 20 kg of Jute Packing the price will be increase by 50$/ MT. These conditions are fixed. The price also changes with the port of destination, Let’s say the port of destination changes to Washington , then the price will be 50$ more.

CONTRACT B: for 20000 MT of rice variety R2@ 950 MT from 01/12/2005 to 30/11/2006.

Conditions: Same as for Contract A

Now the customer places an order of 5000 MT; for 60% of R1 (from Contract A) and 40% of R2 (from Contract B) to be mixed and packed in Jute packing of 20 kg for Brand A; to be shipped to Washington.

Note: These percentage combinations can change per order.


1.) To track the Material in Contract , to that in the Sales Order/Delivery/Billing. In Customer Invoice only the Brand Name, Product (which in all cases is mentioned as Rice) , Total Quantity, Packing (20kgX, 40kgY, etc), Value and Port of Destination is mentioned.

2.) The Price of the Final Product has to be calculated automatically depending upon the percentage of R1 mixed with percentage of R2.

3.) One Contract can expire before another hence that Contract can be renewed or discontinued (before it finishes) and replaced by another Contract