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Nov 04, 2014 at 11:27 AM

MRP PR with acct asst with U for the non valuated materials


Dear experts ,

For the non valuated materials , when run the MRP , system settings is such that it creates a PR with U as acct assignment . However at OPPQ if we change the account assignment to K after changing the definition of K for consumption from from V to U , and after this setting MRP generates K PR but during the PO creation it says unknown is accepted because of the change from V to U in the K definition . In order to come to out from this again change the definition of K from U to V , system saves that change . and fine MRP and PR and PO cycle runs with K .

But here are few issues .

1. If we again come to the transaction OPPQ for External procurement and enter , system gives error for K as K is not for Unknown and is consumption .

2.Does this procedure is right ?

3.If not what is the procedure to get desired acct asst cat in PR for MRP ?