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Nov 04, 2014 at 09:47 AM

Querries on JDBC adapter


Dear Experts,

I am working in 2 scenario with SAP ECC and Oracle database using SAP PI 7.4 JAVA stack. I am running out of ideas on the below.

1.In one scenario, I am working with Receiver JDBC adapter. I want to receive System Acknowledgement. Since by default, receiver JDBC adapter doesn't request one, is there any module for it.

2. Does the Oracle database have to perform any changes in the system if receiver JDBC request for System acknowledgement?

3.In another scenario with Sender JDBC adapter (Asynchronous), I am trying to fetch updated records of 2 fieldA and fieldB from database table. Dont want to fetch the already picked records. From the library I found the following.

SQL statement for query: SELECT fieldA,fieldB FROM table WHERE processed = 0;

SQL statement for update: UPDATE table SET processed = 1 WHERE processed = 0; processed is the indicator in the database.

would the above statement will work (currently I am not given table authorization, so cant test 😔

4. Is Stored Procedure a better option than select statement? How to maintain SP in Sender JDBC adapter