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Nov 04, 2014 at 08:22 AM

Multiple Currencies In CO Reporting


Hi All,

I the requirement to view the FICO Reporting in multiple currencies. For FI i have set Hard Currency as 2nd currency to view the reports in both company code currency and Hard Currency.But i don't know what setting do i need for CO Reporting. basically what my user needs is a report in which system will show all the expenses made and all the revenue made in a profit center. for this we have created profit center area wise and these profit centers are assigned to the relative cost centers. all the expenses are posted to the cost centers and all the revenues are posted to the profit center. now when we execute the report "KE5Z" with reference to the profit center it gives us all the in cost center and its profit center. i need to see this data in both currencies 1) Company Code & 2) Hard currency that i set. any other report that can show me the data in the required way and currency please let me know.