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Nov 03, 2014 at 01:23 PM

RFX Weights and Scores: Default Item Field "Net price" weighting not working?


Hi experts,

I'm testing the standard RFX functionality related to weighting of Item Price.

I've created an RFX with item(s) and created question(s) for item. Additionally I choose one of the standard Default Item Fields to be weighted in the RFX, namely Net Price (under RFX Items - Questions - Default Item Fields --> choose "Net Price" To Be Weighted). I've set up wanted weighting method and set up questions weight percentage as wanted. I've tested this with Manual, Stepped & Linear functions.

However, the system does not weight the Price -question at all (in Responses and Awards - Response Comparison - Advanced or Simple). The result is that only the "normal" questions are wieghted and Net Price is not considered at all?

--> For example I enter 2 separate responses against RFX with identical answers, except with price difference. The result is that responses get identical score even if the price different.

We are using SRM 7.13 SP4.

update: In fact it seems that ranking in Response Comparison works OK when there are no weightings used at all (-->best price wins!). But when questions & their weightings are created and used in responses, then the logic for identifying the best response (ranking) does not work.