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Nov 03, 2014 at 10:51 AM

Delay in execution of background workitem by 1 sec for 2 different instances


Hello All,

we have a scenario wherein we get 3 status idocs (x, Y & z) from a third party service.

Sequence is important for us. For this we are using Standard task TS30000206 to process incoming status idocs.

Problem now is Z status idoc is getting processed first instead of Y.

As per step histroy in workflow log, Y idoc workitem execution started early than Z idoc workitem execution.

However in workitem runtime data, actual start time is same for both. But Z idoc workitem finished first instead of Y. what is the reason and how to avoid it?

why Y idoc workitem actual start time is showing different than workitem execution start time? Is there any dependence on tRFC calls?

I tried to find if there is any issue there? But I couldn't find anything.

Please help me