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Nov 03, 2014 at 09:05 AM

Question About Integration MII and Crystal Reports



I don't know if this discussion belongs to this MII Community or to Crystal Reports community.

I have been ask to integrate between MII and Crystal Reports.

I am following this integration guide

that telling:"The prerequisite for following the below steps is that you have already installed SAP Crystal Reports 2011


the MIS Manager has told me that our Crystal Reports is part of our Businesses Objects Bundle package, but i can't find any installation of it in the BO server.

i do need to know , if for my task can be made by using other than Crystal Reports 2011 version ( For example: 2008)

and , how can i check if my bundle Package contain the right crystal reports version license for that.

i tried to follow the above integration guide, using Crystal Reports 2008 designer, without success.