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Nov 02, 2014 at 04:09 PM

Help please


I am facing problem in BOM item components qty calculation with the help of procedure assigned in the BOM item component.

$Self.RM_COMP_Quantity = $Parent.FG_Order_qty + $self.RM_Extra

above procedure is assigned to the Raw material component in Super BOM.

FG_Order _qty is a charcterstic of FG product of the class type 300

RM_extra is also a charcteristics of the class of type 300.

in the additinal tab of the RM_COMP_Quantity characteristic we give a reference of Table STPO and field Menge.

RM _Extra is calculated with the help of Procedure, scrap percentage and FG order qty is there, with the help of procedure dependency assigned to the RM Extra charcterstics we can calculate the RMextra.

But the Issue is we are unable to hit the BOM item component raw material component qty after the MRP run with above procedure assigned to the BOM item component.System is taking BOM components qty as per the BOM component and BOM header Base qty relation.


the BOM components are calculated correctly in CU50 run and when showing the results in sales order creation but return to the default quantities after running the MRP

Config parameters in Configuration profile-

process set to plnd/prod order

BOM explosion set to multilevel

Kindly tell me if some other settings are required to get the desired value of the BOM component qty.

With Best Regards

Ramy Sully