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Nov 02, 2014 at 10:40 AM

Process chain validation


I would like to validate the process chain data loaded with latest date or not.

There is one Process chain running daily in BW from third party vendor.

Once they submit the flat file to Webmethods, then the Process chain in BW triggers the Program(process type) to get the file in BW and continues to load to DSO and Info cube.

The issue is sometimes the third party vendor submits duplicate file(yesterdays file again), so this creating some problem while running the reports to user.Every time they creates P2 for the latest data.

Can anyone suggest how to create a program process in process chain whether the data loaded with latest date(I have field Date with latest date in DSO and Cube) to validate.?So that the process chain fails once the data is old date or duplicate file submitted.If we create any exception this will create Dump, so the dump should not be created)