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Oct 31, 2014 at 09:12 AM

Dynamic URL on click of Link UI element



I'm trying to launch an URL in EventHandler on click of a Link UI element. I tried using OpenLink operation in EventHandler and it works fine if I enter hardcoded URL. But I would like to have dynamic URL based on the system. I've even tried writing code in AfterModify to generate dynamic URL and bind with the Data field in screen and bind that in operation. It does not work. The value comes as blank as I believe the AfterModify only triggers when there is any Changes in the screen.

I tried using Operation 'Script' to open url by giving the script code as shown below


When I use above controller method, even static URL also does not work when I click on the Link.

I've attached the screenshot. Could you please help me which approach can I follow to use dynamic URL launch?



Mohan Babu


URL.jpg (29.6 kB)