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Oct 31, 2014 at 06:42 AM

The fix archive 'FIX_NW730.UPG' (*required* ).


Dear All,

I have upgrade from ERP 6.0 to ERP 6.0 EHP6 on QAS system.

But the upgrade occur the below error message.

i don't find the file 'FIX_NW730.UPG' on download file of upgrade.

Where is the file the Marketplace and download?

This is SAPup version lmt_002, build SAPup release lmt_002 version 41.000

Enter the path to the download directory. The tool recognizes the following
type of files:
* The fix archive 'FIX_NW730.UPG' (*required* ).
* New SAPup archive (*optional* ).
* XML file for EHP or SP stack.
* DVDs
* ABAP patch archives, for example, Support Packages (*optional* ).
* ABAP kernel for your destination SAP system. (*optional* ).
You can also use shortcuts in the download directory.

*ERROR: Scanning of download directory failed with the following error: No fix
archive found in download directory*
DOWNLOAD DIRECTORY: E:\SAP_Ehp6_Upgrade\set_up\51044252_4
Clearing list of scanned files.
Scanning directory 'E:\SAP_Ehp6_Upgrade\set_up\51044252_4' - this may take a while...


Image-0017.jpg (105.0 kB)