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Oct 31, 2014 at 01:16 AM



Hi Gurus

My question is regarding SECURE STORAGE(SECSTORE). A brief introduction. We are trying to save the password entries in the SECURE STORAGE! SECSTORE is a place where we can save our Credentials securely.. In our application we are maintaining the Password in the table. When we try to create new entry in this table, before saving the entries we insert it into Secstore.

  1. Even though entry exists in the table and we have successfully created an application entry in SECSTORE, but unfortunately when I try to check for my entries(In SECSTORE) it shows ‘No entries found’!!
  2. When I debugged the report, I saw the method which calls the function SECSTORE_INSERT_ITEM, returns me an “Internal Error” Exception which means it’s not inserting into table RSECTAB(where SECURE data are saved)
  3. Is there any notes that needs to be implemented before doing the entries..
  4. Strangely, when I try to add the data to ADDON table, it saves the data in the SECSTORE, which means there is no need to implement SAP NOTES nor correction needed. Am I correct?

As anyone encountered this issue and found the solution?

Thanks in advance!!