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Oct 30, 2014 at 05:18 PM

BSP MVC - View not displayed after call another view


Hi there,

That's the first time I need to do a BSP. I have no much idea about MVC, but some .net developer from the company where I work tried to help me with the concepts ideas.

I have a problem now, and I'm trying to looking for the answer on Google and SDN but I found nothing yet...

How can I call another view? As I mentioned before, my collegues helped me a bit, and they told me first I need to go to controller, and after the controller call the view, is it correct?

METHOD do_handle_event.

DATA: o_ctrl TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_controller.

o_ctrl = create_controller( controller_name = 'acoes' ).

o_ctrl->set_attribute( name = me->c_obj_apo " apo

value = me->apo ).

me->call_controller( o_ctrl ).


When I'm debugging it's right, but my other view is never displayed...

Does anyone have a suggestion?