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Oct 30, 2014 at 05:22 PM

Moving inventory from one product to another product


Hi Gurus,

It will be helpful if any one can answer the below question.

We have a scenario

--> Product ABC (PLANT 1000) = Product CDF (PLANT 1100)

---> Inventory of a Product ABC is in Plant 1000 (DC)

Business wanted production plant to see the inventory before creating the receipt elements.We don't have plant 1000 in APO, we just have 1100 plant in APO.

In DC 1000 PRODUCT ABC--1000 KG in inventory

In Production Plant 1100 Product CDF has inventory 100 KG--> Actually the total inventory we have 1100 KG

When running Heuristic APO need to consider 1100 KG and generate order for the requirements.

Can any one help me how to map Product ABC = Product CDF so that we can see total inventory in Plant 1100 (Production Plant)?

Please it will be helpful if anyone suggest.

Thanks & Regards,