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Oct 30, 2014 at 04:17 PM

DB6CONV aborts: SQL0601N - identical objects


Hi experts,

we have a problem with an online conversion via DB6CONV. We use this tool to "reorganise" all tablespaces of a system to gain freespace after a massive data deletion. Therefore we renamend the "old" tablespaces, created new ones and used the online conversion to move the content of the "old" tablespaces into the new ones. We're using DB2 9.7 FP 6. Unfortunately we can't just use the "reduce high water mark" function of DB 9.7 because the tablespaces weren't natively created with 9.7

The conversion was processed with the options online conversion, copy with indexes, delete source table after conversion, update statistics after conversion, compression for data and indexes=yes. We started the Job with only one process because we already faced problems with parallelism in other systems.

We successfully converted several tablespaces by now in the exact same way in this system - but with the last one we got stuck. It had trouble converting some tables - seems like it somehow got confused during the conversion. Most aborted table conversions could be reprocessed through "continue". But two of them are still left. We tried several times just reprocessing them with "continue" - didn't work. At last we tried resetting them (which worked) and planned a new conversion but the same error occured (example): SQL0601N The name of the object to be created is identical to the existing name "SAPWIL.BUT_TODO_PREMOAP4fIfs" of type "TABLE". SQLSTATE=42710

The source table (e.g. BUT_TODO_PREMO) in the old tablespace as well as the table in the new tablespace with this temporary name (BUT_TODO_PREMOAP4fIfs) are still both existing. I'd really like to just go ahead and rename/delete the new table to start a totally new conversion but unfortunately I can't because it's not existing as a dictionary or database object. Though you can see it via DBACOCKPIT.

Do you have any idea how to proceed in this case?

Because I'm running out of ideas now...

Thanks in advance and best wishes