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Oct 30, 2014 at 01:31 PM

IDoc Extension with new segement


Hi all,

i am not quite deep in IDoc, but i have a request to include some new fields into EDI.

I studied some threads here and I know i need to create a new segement with WE31 and create a new extension based on basic type.

my question is , for example, i would create an outbound Invoice, but adding some information from Matrial master

based on the basic type INVOIC02

1. to which knot i should add my new segement into ? e.g. Ext. Mat. Grp (basic data 1) Mara - EXTWG

2. for a new created segment I can only insert field into it

e.g. Ext. Mat. Grp (basic data 1) Mara - EXTWG

i can only inut EXTWG as field name and type EXTWG as "Data element " , would system be able to find the table Mara-EXTWG automatically. I mean how is the connection between the field defined here and the field in data table, where the Ext.Mat.Grp is stored.

3. If I create like that, then in IDoc i would have for every position in Invoice, there would be a segement for the Ext. Mat Grp. ?



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