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Oct 30, 2014 at 07:42 AM

Issue with Multimapping


I have a scenario in PI 7.4 were I need to a file to file/idoc mapping.

I am passing the input from the source message and doing a RFC lookup. My RFC lookup would return an 'X' value. Based on this returned value , I have to make a decision wether a file has to be sent or an idoc has to be triggered.

For example : If the output of the RFClookup is say a value 'XYZ' then I have to call the File adapter and post a file(With receiver service : BS_RCVR) . If the RFClookup returns a value 'SAP' then I have to trigger an idoc(The receiver service would be SAPsystem).

I have done a multimapping to achieve this.

I am implementing the scenario without BPM.

The problem I am facing is in the I.D part , when I am filling-in the tab 'Outbound' processing / Receiver Agreement. For the same sender file interface its asking us to give two communication channels one for file(which is not an issue) and another is an idoc. I want the sender interface to be SAPSystem for providing the idoc receiver communication channel. Can you please help me out?