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Oct 29, 2014 at 04:09 PM

Physical inventory in one warehouse number shared by 3 plants



We recently physically moved 2 "spare parts" plants into our production plant which is WM managed. The 2 plants that we moved are now link to the same warehouse number link the production plant. Here is our setup:

Plant Storage location Warehouse number

A 1000 520

B 2000 520

C 3000 520

One of the main goal of the moving was to combine the same material of the 3 plants in the same physical bin to save on warehouse space. But in SAP we have 3 differents records ( quants). It was also a prerequisite to keep the 3 plants

Material Bin plant Sloc quantity

X 10-10-10 A 1000 2

X 10-10-10 B 2000 3

X 10-10-10 C 3000 4

total in the bin: 9

Count with LM50:

material bin plant counted qty

X 10-10-10 A 9

X 10-10-10 B 0

X 10-10-10 C 0

We plan to use LM50 to enter the count with RF device but the counter doesn't know the plant/material quantity: he can only know the total quantity which is 9. So, we plan to enter the total quantity in the first plant/material combinaison and enter 0 for the other plants. Then, we will have to "reclass" the good quantity with LI11N or LI12N in the right plant to avoid useless inventory adjustement ( LI20/LI21 transaction).

Is there another way(s) to to do the physical inventory than this with our warehouse/plant structure?

Thank you