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Oct 28, 2014 at 04:37 PM

Change Look & Feel using NWBC HTML


Dear experts.

I am implementing ESS&MSS with access through NWBC for HTML.

We need change the logo of SAP. For this I have checked several links (Blog,

With this link I changed the logo. However this is posible if the theme is &sap-theme=sap_tradeshow_plus.

Simple Implicit Enhancement to change SAP Logo in NWBC Home page

If I use &sap-theme=sap_corbu the system not allow use a logo in the home page SAP logo on top left corner.

With this information I follow searching and find that I can use the Configuration table (NWBC_CFG), however this not show a logo in page SAP logo on top left corner.

I have review many documents and threads in SCN to find how to change the logo in NWBC and it is mentioned store the logo in MIME repository and add an entry in table NWBC_CFG table.

I have loaded logo in MIME Repository (tried with .JPG, .PNG) in /SAP/PUBLIC/ and maintained an entry in table NWBC_CFG as below:

MANDT = 100

IDX = 200





VALUE = Z_LOGO also tried with '/SAP/PUBLIC/Z_LOGO '


However this not work. The system should show the image for example as indicated Sebastian in this threads.

I also found this blog:

NWBC and Theme Designer - How to create and assign custom theme to NWBC

Hovewer this not allow change the logo of the company. Only explain as add a imagen in blackground.

My System information:

1) SAP NW 7.3

2) NWBC Desktop

3) NWBC HTML 3.5

My question: How can resolve my requirement?

Can anyone help me?

Thanks Regards