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Oct 28, 2014 at 02:05 PM

Refresh of UIBB in FPM_SAVE


Hello All,

I have created a FPM OVP application page with one section .In that one section I have two UIBBs one is form and the other one is a List.

Form I am showing some details and List I am showing total details with some editable cells. I have also create a global Button SAVE with standard event FPM_SAVE.

As per my requirement, after clicking Save button my Data should persist and the two UIBBs should be clear and collapsed.

Currently only the Form UIBB is clearing. But the List UIBB is not clearing. Also the SAVE button is greyed out ( This greying out is as per requirement)

As I understood the FPM_SAVE can clear these two UIBBS and greyed out the buttons which is associate with it.

So can you tell me how can I make clear the List UIBB too with FPM_SAVE in Use.