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Dec 21, 2005 at 01:40 PM

Segment Builder



I am working on a project with a special case:

A BP can have several memberships as long as the memberships are belonging to different stores. It is the membership that should be controlling the segmentation, and not the BP. For example: if you ABC classify your customer by revenue, is should be the revenue for the single membership that should classify whether it is an A, B or C customer. This mean that a BP can be both an A customer and a C customer. This is ok, but how can we reflect in the Segment Builder if we filter only on A customers, which of the customer's memberships that determine that the BP is part of the target group for A customers??

Originally was the membership number not displayed in the Segment Builder. We have however now implemented a BAdI for displaying this customized field. However we struggle to solve the issue described aboveĀ…

Have any of you seen a similar case???

In advance, Thank you:)

Regards Camilla