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Oct 27, 2014 at 03:40 PM

how to enable full-text search engine ASE?


A developer create some code with loop and like with very bad performance.

Like is applied to a varchar(1000)column mycol, and value for this value is unique.

the query as:

mycol like 'abc%'

context of mycol is like a text. So I want to create a full-text index on this column to improve performance. When I try to enable full-text search, I got error:

Procedure (sp_configure) Configuration parameter 'enable full-text search' can not be enabled without license 'ASE_EFTS'.

Not sure about this. I guess full-text search should be part of ASE 12.5.4 by default when any one buy it.

If full-text search have better performance than 'like'?

How to check if license 'ASE_EFTS' is available and how to enable it?