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Cisco Finesse (Version 10.6 (1)) as their CTI Product Integration with SAP C4C

Jan 25, 2017 at 01:46 PM


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Hello Experts

We need some clarification on the allowed CTI systems for integration with SAP hybris C4C

One of our customers

  1. uses Cisco Finesse (Version 10.6 (1)) as their CTI Product. It has a complete Web Based interface and no client side installation. Please find below the screenshot and link to product Documentation.

2. First Question to SAP, is this Product Integration with SAP C4C 1611 supported? If yes, what should be the value for the CID Parameter and where do we make that entry. How can the Web Based Interface CTI interface configured to send this URL parameter ?

3. If not supported, is it planned for future releases and what current Cisco CTI product works with SAP C4C current version.

Any comments from this community will help.- Regards- Piyush Gandhi

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2 Answers

Gabriele Bodda
Jan 26, 2017 at 10:37 PM

Hi Piyush,

Currently (as of release 1611) the CTI integration requires a local telephony client as a prerequisite. There isn't a specific list of products which are or are not compatible: as long as a local client is available, integrating to C4C requires just a minor enhancement. The approach is documented in the C4C Admin guide, section 4.11. We are aware of customers integrating to SAP Contact Center (which works out of the box), Avaya, Cisco, Genesys, and several other providers.

The reason for this prerequisite is that the integration relies on a local adapter which waits for the information to be passed via a localhost http call. Triggering such a call is trivial from another local client, but often impossible from remote clients. So unless you find a way to communicate with the local adapter from the remote client, the integration is currently not possible.

However, we plan to remove this constraints with release 1702: it will be possible to configure the system to connect to a remote "telephony widget" (which does not have to necessarily be visible on the screen). In the same way in which the system currently expects an event to be passed from localhost, it will be possible to trigger the same event from a remote location. You may still have to customize the telephony provider by adding a custom web widget, but at least there will be no need for a local client (and adapter) anymore. We are still in the process of documenting the approach, let's touch base after the upgrade.

By the way, regarding point #2: any of the CID values documented in the Admin guide works. There is no logic based on the CID parameter, it's just a key that helps to recognize valid consumers of the service.

Kind regards,

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Hi Gabriele

Thanks for the response

Now since the tenants are upgraded to 1702. Request if you can provide me the new CTI admin guide or any documentation to enable the CTI which we have , as described in the note above.

Thanks in advance



Piyush Gandhi Mar 08, 2017 at 04:05 PM

Hello Gabriele

Request if you can please attach the document or guide me to the link where I can find the above mentioned document which you mentioned would be released shortly.

Thanks in advance



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