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Dec 21, 2005 at 10:04 AM

Use of CRM Actions (CRM 2005)


Hi all,

We have a automated business process containing several steps. A process engine drives the process forward and will determine which service to execute next by looking up a configuration table with this information. Each step will perform some sort of service (call function module/BAPI, webservice or "something" else that we define). In order to provide the stateless and reusable services with context, we intent to use CRM Actions. We have an object that will contain data related to a customer, and need to map relevant data from the object to a service. Our initial idea is that Actions can fetch data from the object, and provide our service with this data.

Can this be done?

I need to figure out how to customize CRM Actions, so that we can use it to our specific needs, i.e. by having actions start our custom ABAP code or potentially some standard code.

Ideally, we would like to have just one generic action that we can call from the process engine, and have the action map the data as described above. We would like to have just one action for easier maintenance and reusability purposes. This generic action will have be sophisticated enough to determine the current state of the process, receive information from the process engine about which service must be executed, fetch relevant data from the object and call the service with this information. How can we manage to have this one action, and reuse it as we wish?

Alternatively, we will have to create one action for each service (1:1). Will this be the better way to go, having reuse and maintenance in mind?

We are keen to know about the possibilities for triggering actions (especially if we have only one action for all services), anyone have comprehensive list or link to a website where this documentation can be found.

As a final question, what benefits will CRM Actions provide over buliding the logic we need by hand? We need to be able to monitor the status of processing, and keep a log of results from the services.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

Thomas Kjelsrud