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Oct 24, 2014 at 02:19 PM

Physical quality sample and HUM at good receipt


Hello Everybody,

I'm facing an issue to manage physical quality sample at good receipt with WM and HUM.

I'm in a situation where my warehouse is WM and HUM managed. I receive shipments from my vendor and I create manually inbound delivery where I pack the shipment using automatic packing function with packaging instruction. My issue is that my material are QM relevant and in my shipment I have a little box containing the quality sample to putaway to the lab. Because I have destructive quality control I would like to declare this sample as an HU, to be able to consume this HU in my stock posting tab in QA11. But I'm not able to define my packaging instruction correctly to have this sample automatically pack in an HU.

If I take an example :

I have a material A, this material is packed in boxes with 25 PCEs in each box and I have 10 boxes in a pallet. In addition, I receive a small box with 1 PCE corresponding to my sample.

If I receive a shipment of 300 for this material I would like to have my packaging done automatically as below :

Lev1 Lev2 Lev3 1xSample 1xMaterial A 1xPallet 10xBox 25xMaterial A 1xPallet 1xBox 25xMaterial A * 1xBox 24xMaterial A

Is it possible to define this kind of packaging instruction with 2 different packaging material at Level 1, if yes, how can I do?

If you have any other proposal to manage a physical quality sample with HUM don't hesitate to propose.

Thank you very much in advance for your help on this topic