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The Future of MaxDB

Good Morning All,

some useful guidance for everybody using MaxDB:

          1722076 - The Future of SAP MaxDB

As this is an OSS Note please respect the OSS and do not quote the OSS Note here.

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1 Answer

  • Oct 24, 2014 at 08:34 AM

    Posting a link labeled 'the future of MaxDB' might cause speculation or confusion for people who cannot access that note.

    Let me clarify that this note was created on 23.05.2012 when some of the MaxDB team moved on to develop SAP HANA. As a result, development speed for SAP MaxDB has lessend, but of course the database is still being worked on and enhanced (see all the new updates in the SAP MaxDB 'Feature list notes' like e.g. note 1444241.)

    Here is a quote from note 1722076, version 5 of 23.10.2014:

    "SAP MaxDB will stay available, provisioned and maintained according to the rules of the SAP Support Agreement. There is no plan nor need to move SAP MaxDB systems to any other database. The natural born successor of all of today's database technology is the full-blown and enterprise-ready in-memory database technology. Thus development capacity will be shifted to it. But that does not include to sunset the original product(s). If today a new SAP solution is released on SAP MaxDB it will be supported 7+2 years under any constraint and even longer on customer request. There is no decision that version 7.9 will be the last one for SAP MaxDB, there is just no roadmap beyond yet. SAP MaxDB is still worked on and it will continuously get updated and improved."


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