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Oct 23, 2014 at 11:03 PM

Handle Error message and Clear Fields on ISU EMDP0001 object for TR ES60?


Hi Gurus, I´m working with the enhacement object EMDP0001, I´ve created a CMOD project and currentlly I´m using the screen exit, the CI structure and few exits (EXIT_SAPLES60_001, EXIT_SAPLES60_005, EXIT_SAPLES60_007). I´ve managed to save my custom fields and to make some validations, but I´m having trouble clearing my Z fields in first place, and filling them when using ES61 to upload my Z fields from DB, i´ve been trying to use the EXIT_SAPLES60_002 but it is not working, my fields still getting dirty and this is just the half of my problem. The other half is related with an error message that I launch in my validations on the user exits, I don´t know how to handle the error message, due to the fact that I can´t set the cursor in the corresponding field and make it able for input, cause this is only possible from the main screen (the screen exit is a subscreen), and the main screen is a standard, so currentlly when i launch the error the TR hangs and the only way to procced is exiting. So i have two problems, i hope i´ve explained myself good enough, can anyone help me with this??