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Oct 23, 2014 at 10:27 AM

SUM SP11 P7 - Oracle AutoExtend TableSpace Ignored


Hi All,

I'm in the prep stages of an SPS upgrade on our ERP 6 system. During phase 5.4 Checks it's stop and said manual activities required :-

Insufficient free space in the database as follows. Please refer to file /sapsoftware/SUM/abap/log/DBFPLUSD.RES for more details and additional information about the results of the free space check.


INFO: To adjust the size of your tablespaces, you may use the commands

in file '/sapsoftware/SUM/abap/log/ORATBSXT.LST' using the 'brspace' utility.

Please copy the file before making changes, as it may be

overwritten in subsequent upgrade phases.

You must fulfill these requirements first before you continue with the procedure!

Free space recommendation

In some scenarios there might be more space required, which was not part of the calculation. Therefore we recommend to have up to 20% more free space than overall required:

Additional 225 MB to TABLESPACE SYSTEM

But our SYSTEM tablespace is set to autoextend and has 935.75MB free to extend into.

Tablespace name Size(MB) Free(MB) Used(%) Autoextend Total size(MB) Sum of all free fragments(MB) Total used (%) #Files #Segments #Extents Status Contents SYSTEM 1,124.00 11.75 99 YES 2,048.00 935.75 54 1 1,214 3,107 ONLINE PERMANENT

Therefore we don't need to extend the tablespace as it's suggesting, as we have plenty free.

Is this going to prevent me moving forward?

UPDATE - this has stopped the update, seems to be a bug in SUM!