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Oct 22, 2014 at 04:15 PM

Decoupled class for Assurance sociale (FR) (CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0064)


Hi gurus,

I have just posted a SAP OSS note for wrong coding in method SPECIFIC_INITIAL_COMPUTATIONS of class CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0064.

It seems there is an error in the logic syntax in found at line 139 (index = sy-index - 1.) where an index value is being evaluated from sy-index value in a loop statement evaluating a

standard table in order to build names of variables (ORGxx and COTxx to be exact).

Inconsistent code within context:

  LOOP AT tab_default_model
    INTO wa_default_model
    FROM 2.
*   Build names of variables ORGxx and COTxx.
    index = sy-index - 1.
*   Add leading zero.
    UNPACK index TO index.
    CONCATENATE c_generic_org index INTO organization.
    CONCATENATE c_generic_cot index INTO contribution.

    ASSIGN COMPONENT organization OF STRUCTURE <p0064> TO <organ>.
    ASSIGN COMPONENT contribution OF STRUCTURE <p0064> TO <contrib>.
    <organ>   = wa_default_model-value1.
    <contrib> = wa_default_model-value2.

Now I think sy-index value has no relation to a table line in a loop statement. The LOOP AT statement sets system field sy-tabix to the table index of the current table line therefore leaving sy-index to its original value.

Is my original analysis wrong?

In my current case, value ended up equal to 0 causing a runtime error after trying to give a value to <organ> where there is no evaluation of success after instruction ASSIGN COMPONENT.

While reviewing standard code I also have found inconsistencies in reading infotype 0008 (with abap_false specified as subtype!!!) in the same method.

  CALL METHOD a_read_infotype->read_single
      tclas         = tclas
      pernr         = <p0064>-pernr
      infty         = '0008'
      subty         = space
      objps         = space
      sprps         = if_hrpa_read_infotype=>unlocked
      begda         = default_begda
      endda         = high_date
      mode          = if_hrpa_read_infotype=>first_intersecting_record
      no_auth_check = true
      pnnnn         = p0008
      data_exists   = data_exists.

I fill coding is a bit poor so I am wondering how many clients are using this class out there in a productive environment? I also wonder if I have to expect the same code quality in other standard object (international and country specific) belonging to the decoupled infotype framework.

I have made a client copy of CL_HRPA_INFOTYPE_0064 class with the correct abap coding to solve my issue while SAP replies.