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Oct 21, 2014 at 04:43 PM

Data Migration from SAP ERP to SAP S&OP on HANA via HCI


Hello together,

we are currently facing an issue regarding the data migration of plant master data from SAP ERP to S&OP on HANA.

We installed the HCI Agent and created datastores for the ERP system and the S&OP on HANA; both connections seem to work. In the ERP datastore, table T001W is defined as table and in the S&OP datastore, the location table is defined as target. Then, we created a project and a task using a template for copying location master data and chose the source and target datastore. To reach the right target, we added a target object and chose our target table from S&OP datastore.

When we execute the task, everything seems to work fine, no errors, and in the target table in the datastore we can see the imported plant data from ERP.

However, the data is only in the staging table and not transferred to the final core table in S&OP on HANA. As far as I understood, there is some S&OP stored procedure that writes the data from this staging table to the core table, and that after this has happend, the staging table is empty again. Unfortunately we couldn't figure out so far how this stored procedure is triggered. Does anyone know, if I have to explicitely trigger it, or if it should be part of the task? Might there be another reason for this problem? Any help is appreciated!