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Oct 20, 2014 at 12:06 PM

Load table problem - Non-space text found after ending quote character for an enclosed field


Hi folks,

I am getting the error "Non-space text found after ending quote character for an enclosed field" when I attempt to load data into a table using the statement below. Any ideas how to resolve this issue?

load table FACTS_29_4d29401c_b16e_4914_adfd_2f5ca94bbe7b(id_1 null(ZEROS), id_2 null(ZEROS), id_3 null(ZEROS), id_4 null(ZEROS), id_5 null(ZEROS), id_6 null(ZEROS), id_7 null(ZEROS), id_8 null(ZEROS), id_9 null(ZEROS), id_10 null(ZEROS), id_11 null(ZEROS), id_12 null(ZEROS), id_13 null(ZEROS), id_14 null(ZEROS), id_15 null(ZEROS), id_16 null(ZEROS), id_17 null(ZEROS), id_52 null(ZEROS))

from 'C:\\test2.csv' escapes off

The file I am loading is attached (test2.csv). It contains the following data:


Note, there is a new line after the '52' (so the file contains two lines - the one above and a blank line). The load works when there is no new line after the '52'.

The schema of the table I am loading it into is:

Column,Type,Nullable,Primary Key






















error.jpg (57.7 kB) (182 B)