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Oct 19, 2014 at 03:23 PM

BPC 10.0 Unsuccessful Currency Translation



I cannot translate values in Consolidation model. In package log I get successful status, but no records are red, so no records are transferred.

What I’m willing to do is to translate values from 10.2014 entered as EUR into values in USD also for 10.2014.

TIME: “10.2014”

SCOPE: “Europe”

INTERCO: “Germany”

FLOW: “B/S or P&L balance”

ENTITY: “Germany”


ACCOUNT: “BS111” and “PL010”


C_CATEGORY: “Actual”

Please see my configuration in screenshots below. All advices are welcomed.

There are two models Consolidation and Rates model.

My logic script.

Rates and data are already available in models.

The local currency for entity DE is set for EUR.

Settings for most important dimension properties.

Should be this formula in business rule in square brackets [] or not?

When I run package I set prompts like below:

No rows are submitted and I don't know why?

How to get to this log file?

BPC version for NetWeaver

#currency translation #currency transformation #0 Submitted #BPC 10.0


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