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Oct 17, 2014 at 04:33 PM

Need to reprice rebate condition when VBAP-ABFOR / payment card is updated


In our order process we have many materials that are rebate-eligible. I'm an ABAPer and my functional analyst and I are trying to figure out where / how to place code to systematically trigger what is now working correctly as a manual Update process:

When the order in VA01 is placed and the credit card is entered on the header->payment card tab, the VBAP-ABFOR gets updated through current config with a custom indicator (Z2) for credit card. (More correctly, a current, unsaved order probably has this value in XVBAP or YVBAP.

As you may know the field on the item's Billing Document tab for this is Payment Guarantee Indicator (on the lower portion of the tab screen).

What we want to happen, as soon as CC is entered on the header, is to adjust (and trigger?) a custom rebate condition that we have (ZRB1).

We can get the ZRB1 to adjust manually from the item's condition tab, by hitting the Update (Prices) button on the bottom of the condition tab screen.

Manually, we can (for instance) choose Pricing Type B ("Carry Out New Pricing"), and the rebate condition ZRB1 is adjusted correctly. Type B is a bit global however. We want to trigger the custom ZRB1 condition to apply to the items when CC is entered as the payment method.

We thought we might be able to use one of the unused customer Pricing Types (e.g. "X") to only adjust the ZRB1 rebate condition in these circumstances.

We want it to happen systematically, when a Credit Card is entered, and we want it to be available from the Condition tab Update button as well (for manual applications).

I'm an ABAPer and don't have much experience with determining and activating Pricing Types, etc.

My functional analyst and I are trying to figure out :

1) how to assign and correctly code one of the unused Pricing Type updates.

2) how to make this trigger systematically, when Credit Card is entered.

We are speculating if USEREXIT_PRICING_RULE in program RV61AFZA is a possibility to contain the code.

I appreciate any help you could provide as to how to accomplish this.

Jeremy H.