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Sizing of SAP Expert Server/ WWI Server

Hi Friends ,

I need help in determining sizing for SAP WWI servr and SAP Expert Sever.

Is there a Standard questionnaire provided by SAP or Any other method to do this as suggested by SAP.


With Warm Regards

Mangesh Pande

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Oct 17, 2014 at 01:52 PM

    Hello Mangesh,

    Determining the required performance is customer-specific and should be determined in a sizing project in the consultation phase.
    Refer to the EH&S sizing guide ( for information about sizing WWI servers and Expert servers.

    To measure WWI generation times or Expert calculation times, you can use the WWI logs or Expert logs in the Windows event display. To measure the Server utilization, you can use standard Windows tools.

    Check SAP Note 1061242 for more details.

    Best Regards,

    Camila Zilles

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  • Posted on Oct 18, 2014 at 04:16 PM

    Dear Mangesh

    the sizing topic is not easy. The WWI sizing depends mainly on the topic do you use "only" EHS core functionality or on the top GLM. For EHS core you need asynchronous WWI servers; for GLM you need synchron one. For the "asynchron" WWI servers there are lots of User exits whcich you can use on the top to "optimize" the laod balancing done by SAP. For the synchron there there is "nothing" in place.

    The OSS notes mentioned are the most important stuff to read. Experience has shown that in most cases the WWI server park is "to big" (that means doing nothing; just wait for a report to be generated), The issues is: if the "high load" is coming (this is in most cases related to the "night" dispatch job of SDS/MSDS your are "luckiy" to have enough WWI servers attached to the system: More important is: any WWI server must !!! wgave without any doubt the same set up (WWI version, Winword version); anything els: you will have "strange results" if you are not making sure that the set up is the same.

    Check: SAP EHS Management for Beginners and references there. The WWI server topic is mentioned very often in this FORUM.


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