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Oct 16, 2014 at 01:13 PM

Dunning amount in fkkmaze



We are using dunning by collection strategy in telco solution, we are having inconsistency between the dunning amount calculated in BRF and that shown in fkkmako and fkkmaze.

for exp. i have 3 open items as below :

Document Nr Amount Due Date 130000000718 2569.4 30.04.2014 130000001259 2365.1 31.05.2014 130000008965 1598.3 30.06.2014 6532.8

Issue date 01.07.2014

First issue that we face is that when using $FKKMAVS to calculate dunning balance it shows only the first open item and not all of them even why we do not have restricted the selection. However we managed to resolve this by creating a new context, and as result the expression gives back as dunning balance the total amount of the open items. Dunning step is calculated correctly according to the rules in BRF, but if we check in fkkmako and fkkmaze the dunning amount is 2569.3 and the dunning step is assigned to only the first doccument