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Oct 16, 2014 at 07:06 AM

Creditors and Debtors Aging Report With reference to A UDF (Date)


Hello Everyone,

I have came across a situation that I want Aging report to be run with reference of UDF which is a date field call "Acknowledge Date" not from Due Date.

The UDF is created in AP Invoice and AR Invoice form, Now when the document is added this field would be empty or today date can be entered, but after some time when Customer or Vendor acknowledge that they have got the invoice then this field would be updated to that particular date and then on the basis of that date Aging report will run.

PLease share the solution, how can I solve this problem as Aging report can be extracted from OJDT and JDT1 and my UDFs are in AP and AR Invoice Form so when I update the acknowledge date it will update the Date in the UDF also created in Journal Entry Form and then Aging can be run with reference to that date.

Thanks in advance