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Oct 15, 2014 at 01:36 PM

Create New Data Bindings For Custom Forms


Hello everyone,

I've been tasked with creating new custom forms for a client to use in their Business ByDesign system, the purpose of which is to draw data from multiple work centres and aggregate it. The previous versions of these custom forms, which were created by a third party, had incorrectly-produced data sources and didn't grab data from the right areas, so I can't use them (unless they can be modified). My question is, then, how does one create a data binding from scratch/modify existing ones? I've read through the entire SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe book (2nd edition, 2011) and it doesn't reference Business ByDesign or the Cloud Applications Studio at all. So, if it is possible to create new data sources (or modify existing ones) within Business ByDesign or the Applications Studio, how does one go about doing this; and if it needs to be done using NetWeaver Business Client or other ABAP stuff as I suspect it does, how do I find out the login details for the SAP GUI so that I can start the relevant transactions? Many thanks.