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Oct 14, 2014 at 07:01 AM

BOPF Enhancement to pass data from Z table to Freight Unit Item level


Dear TM Experts,

I am new to SAP TM developments. I have gone through SAP Transportation Management 8.0 / 8.1 & 9.0.

We have a requirement where we need to pass data from Z table to TURES_ID of Freight Unit structure.

We have configured automatic creation of freight unit at FUBR level. We have configured standard PI interfaces with which whenever STO or Sale order is created in ECC, OBTR is created in SAP TM which is as per our requirements.

Now, due to this FUBR configuration, Freight Units are created automatically. During this creation of Freight Unit we need to find a point for enhancing to built our own logic for picking data from Z table and passing it to Freight Unit Item structure at run time.

I tried with Determination Enhancement option with pattern B Derive Dependent Data Before Saving for BO - /SCMTMS/TOR for Create/Update and delete Nodes. When I try this from transaction - /BOBF/TEST_UI break-point stops but when I test this using Tcode - SPROXY using payload of inbound proxy our breakpoint do not stops.

I would like to know below 3 points:

1. The approach of Determination Enhancement is better approach for passing data to freight unit structure at run time from Z table or their any other better approach using which we can achieve passing data to freight unit from Z table during instance of PI interface

2. Why our breakpoint is not stopping when we are testing from Inbound proxy from SPROXY with payload data in SAP TM

3. Is their any other option where we can debug PI interface and reach to freight unit level other then SPROXY

Please refer to the attachment for details of Determination enhancement.

Please share your experience on this topic.

Thanks in advance.