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Oct 13, 2014 at 02:49 PM

Planned Network Activity Labor Cost question


Planned Labor Costs question

To plan labor costs we do the following but it is cumbersome and time consuming is there another more efficient way of handling this process?

We create a project structure with associated network header and activities.

For a given network activity we enter total planned labor hours expected for the duration of the project (project crosses multiple fiscal years)

Here is the scenario:

Fiscal year 1:

“Original” Activity planned with 120 hours at rate of $10/hour. For a total plan of $1200.

During fiscal year 1 we consumed 20 hours for a balance remaining of 100 used hours.

Fiscal year 2:

Labor rate changes from $10 to $20/hour with 100 hours available.

Here is the current way we handle this.

Original Activity remains on network with 100 hours consumed at $10/hour

We create new activity and maintain 100 hours with a new labor rate of $20/hour.

Is there an alternative method instead of having to create duplicate activities?

Many thanks to all.

Please see attached diagram


Diagram.jpg (94.3 kB)