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Oct 13, 2014 at 01:02 PM

EA60 Spool download per Invoice


Hello Team,

I am working on EA60(Invoice printing) of ISU. Here If I am running the prinitng based on protion Wise , system will create a single spool request containg all the document . Now I am writing an enhancement wherein to convert the spool into PDF. It works fine converting the spool to PDF. But as system generate a single spool corresponding to all the invoices so my converted PDF contains multiple pages.

If there any way I can make multiple spool corresponding to every invoice by running the report based on proting.

The Idea is to download the PDF corresponding to every Invoice.

I tries the external mail option in print parameters given in EA60 but it will great n mail corresponding to N invoices within the group & it is very diffcult to download every invoice from mail & make a repository .

Also suggest if I use external mail option while running EA60 portion wise can I have mail header linked with Invoice no or Consumer no so that looking at mail I can say that this invoice belongs to this consumer.