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Oct 13, 2014 at 08:37 AM

Features for BPF in BPC 10.0


Hej Gurus,

I have been working a bit with Business Process Flows now, and I have two features that I would like to have for the Business Process Flow, and I want ot know, if it is possible.

1) Is it possible to create an closing date for a step. The idea is that the user has a number of days to review the data. The review is not mandatory, so not all reviews will go into the system. After a number of days, BPC should close the possiblity of reviewing. Is it possible to do this automatically, or do we need to have a superuser that is able to complete the step, if the user do not do it?

2) Is it possible to create an automatic e-mail reminder, when the user has an open step? I can only make BPC send a mail, when the step is opened, but I would like to enabling sending a mail every day/every other day as long as the step is open. Can this be set up automatically using the same functionality that sends the other mail notifications? Can it be set up using the BW mail system or do we need to manually send the mails?

Best regards,

Mikkel Kristensen