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Former Member
Oct 13, 2014 at 01:00 AM

lresult yield to Type mismatch


Hi All,

I have used the callback_AfterRedisplay() function which is already called when I am opening the workbook from BW server.

(Actually this should not be, as no refresh is called)


I am using the following line in my coding:

lresult ="SapGetCellInfo", "Crosstab8", "DATASOURCE")

I tried to read the return code ,wich always ends in a dump with lResult is "Error 2013" which means type mismatch.

Of course by opening the workbook from the BW server will not provide any selected cell and thus no DS is provided,

but how can I catch this exception, means how to read lResult.

If lResult <> false then --> dumps

if isErr(lResult) --> dumps

Any idea.

PS. If I am refreshing the query in crosstab8, lResult is DS_8, thats ok.