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Dec 19, 2005 at 06:38 PM

t code: S_ALR_87012052


Hi All,

I need to modify the report output of t-code S_ALR_87012052. In order to make the changes, I am trying to run and see what coulmns does the report have currently so that I can make the changes accordingly. When I ran it, it is coming out with a dialog window

" no data was selected.". If the actaul user runs the same t-code, the user is getting the report. I debugged the code and found when it comes to the following statement, it calls PUT Form and then exits.

GET anlav FIELDS xanlgr txt50 txa50 aktiv deakt zugdt ktogr.

I am wondering if somebody can guess why it is behaving like that.

The following is the input i am supplying on the selection screen.

Company code: CC01


Report date: 12/31/2004

deprecaition area: 01

sort version: 007

group totals only radio button selected.

furhter selections:

posting date: 01/31/2004 - 12/31/2004

This program RAABGA_ALV01 is using the logical database ADA.

Thanks for the great help,