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Oct 10, 2014 at 02:26 PM

How to replicate IGMOD feature in HR Renewal


Hi all,

we are implementing HR Renewal 1.0 FP4, we have replicated on Renewal the ECC actions and they are working well, but I have an issue, the feature IGMOD has been implemented on the ECC system for many of these actions to differentiate the infotype sequence in relation to the reasons chosen by the user,

I don't know how I can replicate the feature IGMOD on the renewal it possible?

If there isn't a functionality to reproduce the IGMOD feature, which is the best way to replicate it on the renewal actions?

Currently the best way that I have found is to create more time the same action with different action reason.

In the HRASR_DT tcode, in the action form scenario, I have set the ‘Attribute for Action Reason’ field on ‘READONLY Output only’ so that the user cannot modify the action reason, and then I have set the infotype sequence, so that when the user create the action with that reason can only create the related infotype sequence, but I don’t like this solution because determines an excessive number of actions in the ‘action’ lane, it’s not user friendly.

Can you help me?