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Oct 10, 2014 at 09:29 AM

Query for Custom BO from Node 0..N is not working


Dear all,

Below is the my BO Design.

businessobject Sy_Trade raises Msg1{

[AlternativeKey] [Label("Trade Id")] element tradeid : BusinessTransactionDocumentID;

[Label("Building Name")] element buildingidname : LANGUAGEINDEPENDENT_LONG_Name;

node RelatedOpportunities [0,n]{

element BusinessTransactionDocumentReference : BusinessTransactionDocumentReference;

element BusinessTransactionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode : BusinessTransactionDocumentRelationshipRoleCode;

element defaultindicator : Indicator;

association RelatedOpportunity[0,1] to Opportunity;

action changedefaultMO;


Now In an EC i want to fetch all instance of BO SY_TRADE by passing value in element element BusinessTransactionDocumentReference ( UUID )

I am storing the UUID & ID of Oppotunity in this.

So I will assfin this EC in opportunity where i can see the ID and UUID coming by Navigation Binding but when i create a Query (Query by elements )

Please check below screen.

How can I fetch the instances of my BO by passing value from one of its node.

I don't think it should be impossible... I am getting Exception on Web ui after creating this Query.




Query.jpg (150.0 kB)