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Oct 10, 2014 at 09:24 AM

Accumulated depreciation in S_ALR_87012936 (depreciation simulation)



our customer wants to see the value of the accumulated depreciation in the S_ALR_87012936 report.

So if I run the report, there is a field in the result table called "Accumulated depr", but the value of this field is not the desired one.

The desired value is the one of the report S_ALR_87011990 (asset history sheet). When you run this report, in the result table you will see a field called "Accumul. dep.". This one shows the correct value, so the desired one.

So my question is, how can I reach that the value of the field "Accumul. dep." of report S_ALR_87011990 is shown in the output of the depreciation simulation report (S_ALR_87012936)?

The goal is, to see the values of the fields "APC FY start", "Current APC" and "Accumul. dep." in S_ALR_87012936.

"APC FY start" and "Current APC" I have found. But "Accumul. dep" (the correct value like in S_ALR_87011990) is missing.

I saw that there are custom user fields that can be edited. Do these help for example? If yes, how?